Lower Manhattan Arts Academy

At Lower Manhattan Arts Academy (LoMA) the visual and performing arts are integral to every student’s day. Students have opportunities to work with visual and performing artists during academic classes to create high quality, standards-based performances of learning. Each student can specialize in visual art, music, dance, or drama. Our partnership with LoMA comprises in-depth programs and workshops with Whitney artists and educators.

partnership highlights

LoMA students working in the Biennial galleries

LoMA students in the Biennial galleries, April 2017. Photograph by Filip Wolak

Student walking into LoMA high school

Outside LoMA high school, April 2017. Photograph by Filip Wolak

Artist Jessi Reaves talk to a student

Artist Jessi Reaves visits students in the classroom, March 2017. Photograph by Filip Wolak


Student listens through headphones in front of art.

LoMA students in the galleries, October 2016. Photograph by Andrew Kist

Artist and student work on a project.

Artist Njideka Akunyili Crosby works with a student, March 2016. Photograph by Patrick MacLeod

Educator stands discussing with three students.

Students and a Whitney educator in the classroom, March 2016. Photograph by Andrew Kist


Artist presenting her map to class of students.

Artist Lize Mogel talks to students about maps, 2015. Photograph by Filip Wolak

Two students peruse map together.

Teens study a map, 2015. Photograph by Filip Wolak

Map with stickers and collage.

Map by a student, 2015. Photograph by Filip Wolak

Students from Lower Manhattan Arts Academy participated in our Community Art Project with artist Lize Mogel. Students made individual maps of their Lower East Side neighborhood.



A 30-second online art project:
Kristin Lucas, Speculative Habitat for Sponsored Seabirds

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