Live on 5 Songs Presents

FRI, Apr 9, 2010
6:30 pm

Lobby Gallery

Five young artists or collaboratives each interact with one of the five elements of Martin Kersels’s sculpture, 5 Songs, to release a new history from each thus leaving the works with a new reading that is inseparable from the action performed in, on, and around them. Sound, speech, and image all contribute to the generation of new meaning and new life. The featured artists are Tyler Coburn, Nancy Garcia, Ryan McNamara, Alexandre Singh & Alex Cecchetti, and Wild Babies (Jah Jah Brown, Ian Vanek, and Felice Faison).

This event is one in a series, Live on 5 Songs, curated by 2010 artist Martin Kersels, whose sculpture, 5 Songs, leads a double life as a stage for performance throughout the duration of the Biennial.

This event is free with museum admission; there are no special tickets or reservations required.

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