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The Awt of Measuring Resilience powered by REACH LA

SUN, Dec 10, 2017
3 pm

Floor 3, Susan and John Hess Family Gallery and Theater

The Awt (say it out loud) of Measuring Resilience is an afternoon of demonstrations of REACH LA’s history, and its current activities in the house and ballroom community.  

Initially conceived in 1992 by a group of community organizers and artists (including Laura Owens) as a bi-annual rave/sexual health fair for youth in Los Angeles, REACH LA has served queer youth of color through innovative programming for 25 years. In the mid-2000s, REACH LA brought in the Legendary Sean/Milan Garcon to continue REACH LA’s mission by bridging arts, health, and wellness in partnership with Los Angeles’ House and Ballroom Community, Drag Circuit, and other queer youth of color networks. 

The Legendary Sean/Milan Garcon is a performance artist, advocate, and co-founding pioneer of the West Coast Ballroom Scene. As the Social Enterprise Director at REACH LA for the last 11 years, Sean has constructed programs that bridge HIV education, wellness development and artistic creation for queer and trans youth of color in Los Angeles. Notably, he has founded and produced the annual Ovahness Ball, the longest-running Ball on the West Coast. Through his work, Sean has developed partnerships with institutions such as Macy's, Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, City of West Hollywood Cultural Affairs, DragCon, Alliance for California Traditional Arts, and 356 S. Mission Rd. 

A Point Foundation Alumnus, Adrienne Adams is an archivist who has both conducted oral histories with REACH LA's stakeholders and compiled ephemeral objects related to the organization's 25-year history. Upon graduating from Occidental College’s Critical Theory and Social Justice Department, he has overseen REACH LA's All-Black gay and trans dance collective as well as assisted with the coordination of the Ovahness Balls and Miss Slay LA Drag Pageant. In addition to his work at REACH LA, Adrienne researches how the everyday lives of black queer and trans individuals have shaped and been shaped by Los Angeles. 

This program is organized in conjunction with Laura Owens in collaboration with 356 S. Mission Rd.

Registration is required.

The Susan and John Hess Family Theater is equipped with an induction loop and infrared assistive listening system. Accessible seating is available.

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