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1940 Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Art
Jan 10–Feb 18, 1940

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Michael Baxte
A. S. Baylinson
Saul Berman
Frank Besedick
Albino Cavallito
Lee Brown Coye
Thomas Craig
Gladys Rockmore Davis
Horace Day
Frederick K. Detwiller
Adolphe Dioda
Franc Epping
Mitchell Fields
Eugene C. Fitsch
Karl E. Fortess
Oronzo Gasparo
C. K. Gleeson
Maurice Glickman
Aaron J. Goodelman
Douglas W. Gorsline
John Groth
James Guy
Alexandre Hogue
John Hovannes
Paul Hyun
Margaret Brassler Kane
Frederic Knight
Romuald Kraus
Doris Lee
Frank London
George Marinko
Jack Markow
Antonio P. Martino
John Ward McClellan
Frank Mechau Jr.
G. Macculloch Miller
Helen Miller
Eugene Morley
Herta Moselsio
Mac Raboy
Walter Du Bois Richards
Sanford Ross
Charles Rudy
Henry Schonbauer
Charles E. Shannon
William Sharp
Symeon Shimin
Louis Slobodkin
Francis Speight
Dudley V. Talcott
Byron Thomas
Manuel J. Tolegian
Marion Walton
Heinz Warneke

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"The show, if uneven in quality, and in spots dubious enough, is alive. It is stimulating and provocative." —The New York Times



A 30-second online art project:
LaTurbo Avedon, Morning Mirror / Evening Mirror

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