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1950 Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting
Nov 10–Dec 31, 1950

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Bernard Arnest
Virginia Banks
Max Beckmann
Edward Chavez
Fred Conway
Russell Cowles
Norman Daly
Frank Duncan
Dean Ellis
Louis Finkelstein
Gilbert A. Franklin
Seymour Franks
Sideo Fromboluti
Augustus Goertz
Simon Greco
Barry Greenberg
James Guy
J. M. Hanson
Fannie Hillsmith
Weldon Kees
William Lester
Joseph Meert
Edward Melcarth
Kenneth Nack
Amédée Ozenfant
Alton Pickens
George Ratkai
Leatrice Rose
Sonia Sekula
Sidney Simon
William T. Snaith
John Stephan
Rufino Tamayo
Victor Thall
Pat Trivigno
Howard Warshaw
Emerson Woelffer
Joe Wolins

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