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Second Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting
Nov 27, 1934–Jan 10, 1935

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M. Azzi Aldrich
Horus Armistead
A. S. Baylinson
Saul Berman
Edward Biberman
Joseph Biel
Byron B. Boyd
Harry Carnohan
Rose Clark
Joseph De Martini
Isolde Therese Gilbert
Bertram Goodman
Lee Hersch
Roy Hilton
Alexander J. Kostellow
Doris Lee
Hayley Lever
Charles Logasa
Frank Mechau Jr.
Paul Mommer
Willard Nash
C. G. Nelson
Hideo Noda
S. Walter Norris
Angelo Pinto
Mary Prindiville
Edna Reindel
Samuel Rosenberg
Sarkis Sarkisian
Byron Thomas
Carroll Tyson
Jacques Zucker

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