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Second Biennial Exhibition: Part Two—Watercolors and Pastels
Feb 18–Mar 18, 1936

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Boris Aronson
Charles Baskerville
Reynolds Beal
Edgar Bohlman
Arthur Bowes
Edgar Britton
Nathaniel C. Burwash
Francis Chapin
Lydia Cooley
Gustaf Dalstrom
Horace Day
Walt Dehner
Peggy Dodds
Raymond Baxter Dowden
George Franklin
Perkins Harnly
Neil McDowell Ives
Charles Kaeselau
Stewart Klonis
Hayley Lever
John Lonergan
Helen McAuslan
Sanford Ross
Saul Schary
Martha Simpson
Alice R. Huger Smith
Miron Sokole
Anne Ophelia Todd
Stuyvesant Van Veen
Isabel L. Whitney

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