fruits, vegetables; fruit and vegetable salad
Jan 15–Feb 17, 2020

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For this exhibition, an untitled work by Darren Bader (b. 1978) stands alone in the gallery. Fresh fruits and vegetables—“nature’s impeccable sculpture,” according to Bader—are presented as formal objects on pedestals. Before over-ripening, the produce is removed from the pedestals by museum staff. It is then chopped, sliced, shaved, and diced into a salad, which is served to visitors. The artwork is then refreshed with a new selection of fruits and vegetables.  

Salad-making and eating will happen at the following times:
Mondays 3 pm–6 pm, Wednesdays 3 pm–6 pm, Fridays 7:30 pm–10 pm, Sundays 3 pm–6 pm

This exhibition is organized by Christie Mitchell, senior curatorial assistant.

In the News

"[A]s with all of Bader’s works, you can expect the salad to be served with a side of playfulness, provocation and a conceptual examination of the age-old question: “what does this really mean?”" —Observer

"Bader’s edible artwork calls into question not only what art is, but also the way in which museums collect and display it." —The Guardian



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